Welding Hose

Good quality gas welding hose is essential when it comes to carrying out safe and secure hot work operations. Make sure your hose is in date & fully serviceable.

It is imperative that your gas welding hose is kept in tip top condition and the BCGA Code of Practice CP7 states that all gas welding hoses should be thoroughly inspected for wear, tear, cracks, and leaks before every welding task begins. If you use a poor quality or degraded welding hose to carry out gas welding or brazing operations, there is a chance that it could crack, catch fire or cause an accident.

This is why the technical staff at Foster Industrial assess the quality of every single gas welding hose sent out to customers & carry out regular CP7 checks for clients. Our hoses all come date stamped, so you when to remove them from service.

Why are gas welding hoses colour coded?

In the UK and USA, hoses must be carefully colour coded before they can be sold on the commercial market. This is so that hot work operatives can safely and quickly determine which hose line they need to alter, shut down, flood, or disassemble to fix a fault.

According to British Standard BS5120, blue is used to indicate an oxygen line, red to indicate an acetylene or hydrogen line, and orange to indicate a propane line. The colour black is used when the line is designed to work with an inert gas like nitrogen or argon.

Buy Gas Welding Hoses from Foster Industrial

We stock high quality gas welding hose sets, in a variety of different lengths and thickness. For instance, a 5 metre 6mm diameter oxy/acetylene hose set is perfect for our Model O lead welding kit, whilst a 10mm diameter set of pipes would be ideal for heavy duty cutting. It is time to stop settling for second best and make Foster Industrial your next stop for welding equipment, accessories, tools, and spares